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Leslie Patrick has performed in both the Dallas and Off-Broadway Premiers of  “It’s Beginning To Look A lot Like Murder!” by Kurt Kleinmann, as well as 11 other “Living Black & White™” shows with Pegasus Theatre. Other acting credits include “A Winter’s Tale” (Emilia). “Macbeth” (Donalbain), “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” (Snug the Joiner), and “Love’s Labour’s Lost”  (Moth) for Bucket Productions, as well as “Twelfth Night” (Maria) for Theater Fusion.  She has also performed with Echo Theatre, Plano Repertory Theatre, Act I Productions, Theatre 3, Audacity Productions, and The Bathhouse Theatre Collective. Some of her favorite roles have been “52 Pick-up” (Woman), “The Collection” (Stella), “Arsenic & Roses” (Katherine), “Die Mommy Die!” (Edith), and “Boy Gets Girl” (Harriet).