TCTP Births Resident Artists Company

Underwritten by Liese & Mike Canterbury

Joey Folsom has selected nine DFW artists to be members of our permanent Resident Artists Company to be called The Canterbury Company of Resident Artists.

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Today we are proud to announce the formation of a permanent Resident Artists Company to be underwritten by Liese and Mike Canterbury.   The company members will be, in addition to Mr. Folsom, R. Andrew Aguilar, Sasha Maya Ada,  Chad Cline, Stan Graner, Gretchen Hahn, N. Ryan McBride, Leslie Patrick,  Van Quattro, Rachel Reininger and Dean Wray.  The Resident Artists will fill many of the roles in the TCTP 3-play 2019 season:  “Fool for Love,” Summer and Smoke,” and “The Crucible.”  In addition, the RAC members will work as members of the TCPT team in other areas of production, marketing, and development.  The RAC Company will be called the Canterbury Company of Resident Artists.

Mike and Liese

Mike and Liese

Tickets to TCTP’s 2019 season will go on sale February 1, 2019.  Season passes start at $70. The 3-play season features Sam Shephard’s “Fool for Love,” Tennessee Williams’s “Summer and Smoke,” and Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible.”  The first two productions will be produced at the Margo Jones Theatre in Fair Park. The final production will be produced in co-operation with Brookhaven College.

Will Hudson