Our 2020 Season


Moliere’s The Imaginary Invalid


This special one-man streaming event begins with Monsieur Argan, the hypochondriac, suffering. His multitude of doctors are only too happy to “diagnose” ime with all manner of disease and “treat” him with whatever strikes their fancy. He wants his daughter Angelique to marry the son of a doctor, so he will always have a doctor near. She wants to marry Cleante, the man she truly loves. Argan’s wife Beline would like to put Angelique and her sister in a convent, so she can steal teir inheritance. Toinette, the maid, and Beralde, Argan’s brother, argue and trick their way through this 3-act comedy to expose the schemers and mend the family broken by Argan’s obsession. 

Imaginary Invalid
Lone Star Poster


James McLure's Lone Star

July 11-19

In the cluttered backyard of a small-town Texas bar, Roy, a former high-school hero, blows back into town after tour in Vietnam tries to reestablish his position in the community. While blowing through a case of beer, Roy entertains Ray with stories about his military and sexual exploits. According to Roy, the three most important things in life are America, his hot wife, and his sweet 1959 pink Thunderbird. When Cletis, newlywed son of the hardware store owner, joins the boys, Roy’s world begins to collapse as we learn Ray slept with his brother’s wife during his absence and, worst of all, just totalled the Thunderbird. In the end, all is forgiven and life goes on happily ever after.

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