Dallas actor, and Artistic Director of TCTP, Joey Folsom, co-stars with Sasha Maya Ada, in Sam Shepard’s iconic American play, “Fool for Love”.

Q: How did you get started in theatre?
Joey: I got pulled into an audition for Much Ado my sophomore year of high school after soccer practice by a friend. I was offered a role and was completely terrified at the idea of being on display in front of so many people. So, I did it.

Q: Is this your first Sam Shepard play? And what intrigues you most about his writing style?
Joey: This will be my second Shepard play to perform in, 3rd to produce. Shepard is a Shaman who writes in drums. His style is more musical than any other playwright I have read. It’s like jazz.

Q: Tell us a bit about your character?
Joey: Eddie is a self created result of an idea of the unrealistic heroes, villains, tall tales, romantic notions, adventures, failures, broken bones, selective memories, rejected and embraced realities, horse sweat and guilt.

Q: You do a lot of film and television work. Do you have a preference for film or the stage?
Joey: I love camera work. It’s been good to me and I get a lot from it. Theatre is church. Theatre is religious.

Q: When you’re not performing, what takes up your spare time?
Joey: I write a good amount, play music, and do as much teaching (performance) and volunteering as I’m able. I like getting out to camp, fish, ride horses, roller coasters and see as many movies as possible. 

Q: Why should people come see Fool for Love?
Joey: Catharsis. Catharsis. Catharsis. Shepard offers it better than most anyone. In love, out of love, heartbroken, joyful, lonely, passionately content, honeymooning, at the beginning or middle or end of love. It’s all in there. Chasing around wild horses through a dessert, in the dark, with white owls swooping down out of nowhere hunting for jackrabbits.

Margo Jones Theatre, Fair Park
Previews: March 6 & 7
Runs March 8 – March 30th
Performances Thursday – Sunday

General Admission: $25

Students and Seniors $15

Seats for our March 6 & 7 preview performances will be 50%. Simply use the code LOVETCTP at checkout.