Dallas actress Sasha Maya Ada co-stars, with Joey Folsom, in Sam Shepard’s iconic American play, “Fool for Love”.

Q: How did you get started in theatre?
Sasha: I started taking classes through after school elementary programs. We ended up finding an arts middle school not too far from me. It was all over after that!

Q: Is this your first Sam Shepard play? What intrigues you most about his writing style?
Sasha: This is my first Shepard play! I love how Shepard writes characters that are painfully human. We see there faults and it forces us to look at our own. He finds beauty in the ugliness. It’s heartbreaking.

Q: Tell us a bit about your character May?
Sasha: May is a force. She is so close to starting on a new foot until Eddie pulls her back in—and through all that turmoil she is still able to give her heart.

Q: Outside of theatre, what do you like to do with your time?
Sasha: I’ve got two furry animals who like to see me. I also love ice skating. I used to skate when I was younger and made a New Years Resolution to pick it back up again. It’s been wonderful getting back to the rink.

Q: For you, what’s the most exciting aspect of being involved in Fool for Love?
Sasha: The people! I feel pushed, challenged and supported. Everyone comes in with new ideas and deeper investigations of the work while building on top of what’s already been discovered in the room. That’s all a gal can really ask for!

Margo Jones Theatre, Fair Park
Previews: March 6 & 7
Runs March 8 – March 30th
Performances Thursday – Sunday

General Admission: $25

Students and Seniors $15

Seats for our March 6 & 7 preview performances will be 50%. Simply use the code LOVETCTP at checkout.